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The Ultimate Crystal List

This Crystal Metaphysical Healing Properties Guide gives you a brief overview of the healing benefits of various stones. You will find a description of the crystal's metaphysical properties, chakras, and zodiac sign connections. Discover the beauty and magic of crystals with these descriptions and pictures. 

Sometimes crystals will find their way to you and this list helps you find out the wonderful healing properties they have brought you! Other times, we need to seek out crystals to help us along our journey through life. Either way, crystals are here to help you grow and prosper. 

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Agate is a stone of strength and courage; that helps with grounding and stabilising emotions and physical energy. Agate helps you acceptance yourself and see the truth. It is a healing and cleansing stone, that eliminates negative energy, soothes and calms your mind, body & spirit. 

Chakras: Third Eye & Crown

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Taurus & Aries 

Amazonite is the stone of hope. It helps reduce stress, improves healing after traumas, and helps to soothe you. Amazonite encourages self-determination and self-confidence, allowing you to speak your truth. It is also a great stone for organizing. Amazonite helps filter outside information through the use of Intuition. 

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac Signs: Virgo, Aries, Taurus

Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment, it bestows stability, strength, inner peace. It is a great stone for protection, purification, anxiety, and can also help promote a restful night of sleep. 

Chakras: Third Eye & Crown

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Libra

Angelite is the stone of great awareness. It helps with clear, compassionate and truthful communication. Angelite promotes feelings of compassion, understanding & acceptance, allowing you to find peace in the matter at hand. This stone is full of calming and healing energy that helps with stress, anger and grief. 

Chakras: Throat

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius

Apatite is a stone known to help you develop your physic abilities, and clairvoyance. This is a great stone to keep around if you are trying to eat better or make healthier decisions as it helps with willpower. It can also help you release and detox from poor decision making and habits of the past. Great for the third eye and throat chakras.

Chakras: Throat

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius 

Aquamarine is a stone of purity and calcification. Aquamarine purifies the body and enhances clarity of mind with its gentle and compassionate energy. It helps bring closure to unresolved situations.

Chakras: Throat

Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Capricorn, Aries 

Bloodstone is a stone of grounding and protection. This stone increases courage, motivation, and creative energy. Bloodstone can remove blocks that are keeping us stuck, which can help to revitalize our energy and create a clear path forward

Chakras: Root

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Scorpio 

Blue Calcite is known for its calming energies. If you're someone who struggles with anxiety or who often has racing thoughts, this is the perfect crystal for you. Simply holding or carrying a piece of blue calcite can help to soothe and calm the mind.

Chakras: Third Eye, Throat

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Pisces, Gemini

Blue Lace Agate gently opens and expands your consciousness. It gives us patience, peace, wisdom, kindness and honesty. Blue Lace Agate enhances a positive attitude, while also encouraging listening and understanding. Blue Lace Agate brings a deep inner peace. 

Chakras: Throat, Heart

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces

Calcite helps with communication, spiritually, and amplifying your energy. Also great for learning. Pink calcite is great for bringing one feelings of peace and well being. It attracts love as well as new opportunities. Helps to soothe emotionally and physically.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Leo, Aquarius 

Carnelian is a warm and joyous stone full of creativity and motivation. It is a great stone for energy, focus, vitality, and empowerment. Carnelian is so full of life and gives us courage to make the right choices. It helps anchor you in the present and allows you to trust yourself and your perceptions.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart 

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Virgo

Celestite is the crystal of the angels. This stone has a gentle, calming and uplifting energy, bringing harmonious balance and alignment into your life, revealing the truth and helping to resolve conflict. It is a peaceful crystal that guides you towards spiritual development and enlightenment.

Chakras: Throat, Crown

Zodiac Signs: Libra, Gemini, Cancer

Chrysocolla is a stone of communication, teaching, and transformation, and expression. It is a protective and empowering stone that focuses on the feminine. Chrysocolla is apart of a small group of copper-bearing crystals.

Chakras: Throat, Heart

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo 

Citrine is one of the most powerful stones for manifesting your desires. Citrine is thought of as a joyous stone with sunshiny energy to brighten up the lives of those who work with it and wear it. 

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn 

Clear Quartz is known as a powerful and universal healing stone. This stone  works on all areas of the mind and body, awakening and clarifying your consciousness. It is an excellent stone for meditation and connecting to your higher self. Clear Quartz removes negativity and allows access to your spirit guides. It also provides clarity in thinking and awareness. 

Chakras: All Chakras 

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Capricorn

Crazy Lace Agate is a balancing and protecting stone, believed to ward off the evil eye, bringing joy and absorbing emotional pain. This stone is known for its calming peaceful energy that aids concentration and stimulates intellect. It can also help with self expression, releasing thoughts and feelings which in turn brings deep inner peace. 

Chakras: Third Eye

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Leo, Scorpio

Epidote is a great stone for bringing about hope and positivity. While also simultaneously releasing negativity. This stone is all about recovery and regeneration. Epidote helps to lift the emotions.

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac Signs: Virgo, Libra, Gemini

Flower Agate (aka Sakura Agate) helps you release stress and anxiety while bringing calm and harmony. This stone that helps you reach for your goals and dreams. It is a stone of passion and manifestation. It can also brings forth prosperity in new beginnings.

Chakras: Heart, Root

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Libra

Fluorite is a harmonizing and grounding stone. Fluorite promotes focus, intuition and understanding. It helps to bring chaos into order, promoting stability, free thinking and clear unbiased reasoning. Purple fluorite helps enhance the mind and decision making. Yellow fluorite helps you overcome feelings of shame.

Chakras: Third Eye

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Aries, Pisces

Garnet is the perfect crystal for attracting love, wealth and prosperity. It can make you feel grounded and present in the moment. This is a wonderful stone for manifestation and creating positive energy. 

Chakras: Heart, Root, Sacral 

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius 

Gray Moonstone has been synonymous with good fortune, love, magic, protection, and wealth. It is the ultimate fertility and eroticism crystal. It is believed that wearing moonstone jewelry during lovemaking at full moon will harmonize the body into a natural lunar cycle It carries the energies of a new moon. It helps with perception, and is an effective stone for the clairvoyant.

Chakras: Crown

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Taurus, Cancer

Green Aventurine is a crystal known for prosperity, abundance, luck, love and compassion. It is also a healing and calming crystal. This stone provides strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. It renews your optimism for life and pushes you to take action. 

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Sagittarius, Capricorn 

Hematite is a protective and grounding stone. This very earthy stone is great for balance and equilibrium. It helps with self-confidence and helps stabilize you.

Chakras: Root

Zodiac Signs: Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio

Howlite is a very calming stone. This stone helps rid you of your insomnia and overactive mind. Howlite strengthens memory and stimulates desire for knowledge. This stone teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress.

Chakras: Root & Crown

Zodiac Signs: Virgo, Gemini, Leo

Kiwi Jasper is the stone of justice and equality. The energy from this stone inspires harmony and balance. Use this stone to help to cleanse and align your chakras, cleanse your aura and absorb negative energies. It is a balancing stone that helps to align our physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm.

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac Signs: Libra, Virgo, Aquarius

Labradorite is a powerful protective and shielding stone. The stone creates a shield for auras and protects against negativity of the world. Labradorite is said to temper the negativity within ourselves as well. It helps to naturally amplify your inner energy as well as increase your intuition. 

Chakras: All Chakras 

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius 

Lapis Lazuli is known for its power of strength and courage, royalty and wisdom, intellect and truth. This stone is great for communication and and relationships. Lapis Lazuli also helps with anxiety, emotional blockage and psychic protection. 

Chakras: Third Eye, Throat

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius 

Lepidolite is great for removing stress and calming anxiety. Lepidolite is also known as the grandmother stone because it is thought to have nurturing and calming properties. 

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Root, Heart

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Libra, Pisces

Malachite is a protective stone, especially for people who fly frequently. This stone encourages the wearer to take risks and teaches to take responsibility for one's thoughts, actions, and feelings. It helps to improve your mood and increases your innovation. 

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo

Moonstone is a very loving and female centered crystal, perfect for those who are looking to help with fertility problems. It is believed that wearing moonstone jewelry during lovemaking at full moon will harmonize the body into a natural lunar cycle It carries the energies of a new moon. It helps to heal and make you feel whole again.

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Gemini, Pisces

Moss Agate (aka Tree Agate) is a stone of prosperity and grounding energy.  This stone encourages tranquility and emotional balance. Moss agate is the perfect stone for those who experience strong aggression or overly nurturing emotions. It is also associated with new beginnings and has a strong connection to all things nature. 

Chakras: Heart, Root

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Virgo, Leo

Obsidian is a¬†lava stone that is great at absorbing all things negative. The stone is considered to pierce into darkness to reveal the truth itself.¬†Historically,¬† Mayan prophets used polished Obsidian as ‚Äúmirrors‚ÄĚ to phropasize the future. This stone is perfect for protection and detecting deception around you.¬†

Chakras: Root

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius 

Ocean Jasper is said to reduce anxiety, ease the symptoms of burnout and help you heal your soul. This stone is a multi-colored crystal ranging from dark green, to white, pink, orange and everything in between. It is great for joy, positivity, optimism, consciousness, stress. 

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat

Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Gemini, Taurus

Onyx is a stone of positivity and helps to absorb negative energy.  It can help balance good and bad. This stone is said to give you the strength to look within yourself, to understand your past, present, and future, and to take charge of your life going forward. 

Chakras: Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Root

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Taurus, Leo

Opalite is known for it's healing and positive energies. It is also great for inner strength and self esteem. This stone encourages persistence and gives you strength in verbalising your unconscious feelings. This stone is said to bring good business fortune too!

Chakras: Crown

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Scorpio, Virgo

Orange Calcite is known for its ability to boost vitality and promote harmony. If you're carrying around feelings of guilt or regret, Orange Calcite can help release those emotions. This stone helps integrate the spiritual realm with the physical body, enhances creativity, and is helpful with emotional issues.

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Aries, Capricorn 

Pink Amethyst specifically is great for the heart chakra and is a stone of love and calm. It also carries the energies of regular amethyst. This stone instills feelings of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace. 

Chakras: Heart, Crown

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Libra, Virgo

Pink Opal is a powerful stone for emotional healing especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Pink Opal is fantastic for calming anxiety, worry, or stress. This is a stone of hope and thoughtfulness.

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces 

Prehnite is a stone known for unconditional love and inner strength.  It is incredibly healing and helps with overcoming your fears. This stone will help you interpret dreams and is commonly used for spiritual connection.

Chakras: Hear, Solar Plexus

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Libra

Pyrite signifies prosperity and abundance. It is a protective stone that blocks out negativity and promotes overall well-being and uplifts your mood. This stone is all about abundance, confidence, and protection. It's also known as fool's gold because its color and metallic luster have sometimes caused people to mistake it for gold. 

Chakras: Solar Plexus

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Aquarius, Pisces 

Quartz is a master healer. It is able to amplify the properties of surrounding crystals, and can also cleanse them. Quartz is one of the few crystals that you set your own intentions in and does not have to be cleansed. 

Chakras: All Chakras

Zodiac Signs: All Zodiac Signs

Red Aventurine is a stone of revitalization and energy. It encourages you to spring in to action with determination and positivity. This stone helps renew your sense of empowerment.

Chakras: Root, 

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

Rhodonite is a stone full of balance and calming energy!  It is perfect for meditation and healing the heart. Find your emotional balance with this stones power. Rhodonite helps with confidence, removes doubt and allows clarity in all aspects of life.

Chakras: Heart, Root

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpio 

Rhodochrosite calls you to focus on healing yourself. This stone should serve as a daily reminder to put yourself first and take care of your well being. Without yourself being healthy and able, you will be unable to provide love and help to others in need. 

Chakras: Heart 

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. That can include relationships, self love, and self compassion. It is a soft and nurturing stone. 

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Libra, Scorpio

Ruby Kyanite is a stone of grounding and positive energy. Get ready to master your fears and bring to life your manifestations. A stone of love, healing, and manifestation. This stone will put your selfishness in check. 

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Throat

Zodiac Signs: 

Selenite helps you cleanse your crystals without having to wait for the moon! All you have to do is place your crystals on or around any selenite sticks,bowls, plates, towers, spheres, ect, and Selenite will take care of the rest. Selenite is one of the crystals that doesn’t have to be cleansed.

Chakras: All Chakras 

Zodiac Signs: All Zodiac Signs

Septarian crystals are made from yellow calcite, brown aragonite, limestone and barite. Septarian crystals are very calming, but at the same time are uplifting and joyful. They are great crystals to keep around if you need some grounding and a new beginning. In depth work with this crystal can help you understand your past lives. 

Chakras: Root

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Leo, Virgo

Seraphinite is a stone for meditative and spiritual energy! This stone grants access to your Kundalini Energy which is an ancient Tantra teaching. While dormant, this energy is believed to be coiled up, much like a serpent. This inner power is accessed through the use of Serpentine crystals. This Kundalini energy then releases from the base of the root chakra, up the spine and out of the crown chakra, acting as the ultimate energetic refresher for your unique autonomy. 

Chakras: All Chakras 

Zodiac Signs: All Zodiac Signs

Smoky Quartz is a protective crystal that helps to block negative energy from your sacred spaces. This stone helps purify your space, find your sense of purpose and come to terms with your personal will. 

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Root, Sacral 

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Sodalite helps with inner peace, logical thinking and clear communication. This stone helps you communicate with the higher realms and creates angelic communication. Be on the lookout for angel numbers!

Chakras: Third Eye, Throat

Zodiac Signs:  Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra

Sunstone is a stone full of positivity, luck, good fortune, and abundance. It strengthens affirmations, mental clarity, self-worth and allows you to focus on the truth. 

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Libra

Tigers Eye is a powerful stone of protection. You will be able to make decisions based on information rather than your emotions. Great for goal setting and accomplishing your achievements. One of the best stones to travel with for protection! 

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Capricorn, Sagittarius 

Black Tourmaline is a protective crystal that helps to absorb negative energy. Black tourmaline is one of the most popular stones used in spiritual practices. It is most commonly used for protection and is recommended for anyone exposed to uncomfortable environments. 

Chakras: Root

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer

Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing and self love. It helps calm your emotions in times of distress. Creates a calm, healing, soothing environment to heal past wounds. 

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac Signs: Libra, Leo, Cancer

Unakite Jasper is a stone of emotional balance and willpower. This stone focuses on the healing of the heart and mind, and strength from addiction. It is also said to help with your sleep.  

Chakras: Heart

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn 

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  • Crystal Metaphysical Healing Properties Guide

    This Crystal Metaphysical Healing Properties Guide gives you a brief overview of the healing benefits of various stones. You will find a description of the crystal's metaphysical properties, chakras, and zodiac sign connections. Discover the beauty and magic of crystals with these descriptions and pictures. 

    Sometimes crystals will find their way to you and this list helps you find out the wonderful healing properties they have brought you! Other times, we need to seek out crystals to help us along our journey through life. Either way, crystals are here to help you grow and prosper. 

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    Crystals are natural minerals that hold energy; absorbing and purifying any energy brought their way. We are also made up of energy and we can exchange such forces with these stones - thereby gaining benefits from them. Crystals are utilized to enhance the energies around us and within us. Learning how to cleanse your crystals is essential for their and your energy! Cleansing your crystals helps disperse whatever undesirable energy might be lingering within them and revitalizes their capacity for healing. 

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